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For a generation eager to discover ways to tackle the global crisis, it has become easy to overlook the benefits that trees have on our environment. Reforestation is one of the most cost-effective methods in fighting the climate crisis. Transpiration – the method by which plants absorb and evaporate water – has two key benefits: it involves the absorption of carbon dioxide, and it helps regulate temperatures through the evaporation process.

 At Changeover Technologies our mission is to improve the long-term health of the environment. As part of our “investing in the future” initiative, Changeover Technologies is pledging to plant a tree for every £25 raised through our crowdfund campaign on Crowdcube. With over £500,000 already invested, that’s well over 20,000 trees or three football fields of reforested area.

 To help us to deliver this promise, we have partnered with Brynk, an organisation which helps businesses to fight the global climate crisis using trees as its tools. Brynk work closely with Eden Reforestation Projects, a fantastic team that oversees the entire project of planting and growing the trees. The work allows them to restore life in countries which have experienced drought, famine, and other natural disasters as a result of climate change.

 Brynk recognises the impact that climate change is having across the globe, with the poorest communities often being the worst affected. Its work helps them to develop strategies for businesses that not only has a positive impact on developing countries but also on the environment, introducing more sustainable practices.

 Brynk have already successfully planted over 2.8 million trees, which are estimated to absorb over 1.351 million tonnes of CO2 in the collective lifetime of the tees. 100% committed to the cause, Brynk and Eden Reforestation Projects don’t just plant trees, they grow them, working to reboot nature by planting the seedlings, protecting and supporting their growth as they develop into a healthy forest.

 Brynk invests in the highest quality nature and technology solutions to ensure the best and most suitable trees are planted. In this case, our trees will be planted in Boanamary, Madagascar and native trees of the Mangrove species have been selected for our project. The Mangrove species are a magnificent type of tree that play a vital role in protecting the planet and are super carbon sequesters. The unique root systems of the Mangrove allow them to survive in harsher conditions. Where most trees won’t survive in water, the Mangrove’s extensive roots help them to stay upright in soft, waterlogged soils giving them access to oxygen. Although they cover just 0.1 percent of the planet’s surface, they store up to 10 times more carbon than terrestrial forests.

 Working with Brynk and the Eden Reforestation Project offers Changeover Technologies an opportunity to restore ecosystems and biodiversity, helping to alleviate poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities.

 Brynk will provide regular visual updates on the progress of Changeover Technologies’ reforestation project, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you over the upcoming months.

 Watch this video to find out more information about Eden Reforestation Projects:



Turning Industrial Carbon Wastes into Sustainable Reusable Raw Resources

Carbon waste is a growing problem with over seven billion tons of it produced every year, much of which is toxic and hazardous. Utilising carbon waste as a resource will help alleviate our increasing issue with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, while simultaneously creating a sustainable and safe raw material that can be used in any number of industries. Here are some of the facts.

The Facts and Figures

The world targets ‘Net Zero’, while economic development is heavily reliant on predominately carbon dependent industries, e.g., steel and silicon.

“There’s about 150 tonnes of metallurgical carbons via steel in an onshore windmill – and 250 tonnes in an offshore windmill.”

The carbon required in these industries is utilised as a “reductant” in the separation of the iron and silicon ores to produce purified iron for steel making, and silicon metal for silicon products, e.g., computer chips, solar panels, electric vehicles.

Globally we recycle annually 500 million tonnes, which is only 30% of the annual 1.8 billion tonnes of steel produced.

This recycled steel still requires pure carbon to be added to the molten recycled steel to bring the carbon fibre strength to the resultant finished products.


– One tonne of Silicon requires 1.5 tonnes of Silicon Carbon Reductant.

– One tonne of Recycled Steel requires 12kgs of High-Grade Industrial Carbons.

– One tonne of Blast Furnace Steel requires 0.75 tonne of Metallurgical Carbon.

Europe officially lists these within the 30 critical raw materials for economic development.

Changeover Technologies Ltd brings to this critical sector waste reclamation technologies which allow wastes to be reduced and recycled, bringing both environmental clean-up and commercially viable lower CO2 carbon pellets for use as reductants in these industries.

We are a clean-tech solutions provider bringing patented technologies to the industrial mining producers and end manufacturers.

We license our patented technologies to producers and manufacturers enabling them on their green journey, “Transitioning From Carbon Dependent to Net Zero CO2

Our platform technology addresses waste within a breadth of industries, from steel and silicon to agriculture, from blast furnaces to electric arc furnaces.

From carbon to bio-carbons, we have technical solutions focussed on waste reduction, recycling, lower CO2, low energy and low carbon footprint.

As an innovative company, it’s our mission to turn industrial carbon wastes into sustainable reusable raw resources.

Find out more on our Circular Economy Technology –

Changeover Technologies to Revolutionise Carbon Dependent Sectors

Read our latest Press release – Issued on behalf of Changeover Technologies Ltd by NakedPR.

A green tech solutions company, Changeover Technologies, based in Belfast, is set to revolutionise carbon dependent sectors having found a solution to reuse discarded fine particle waste.

With over five years in extensive R&D, Changeover Technologies, has with an upscaled research and development team, successfully completed a five tonne per hour pilot test plant which sees fine particle waste transposed into pellets with a great economic value and lower CO2 value.

Mervyn McCall Chairman and Investor at Changeover Technologies said “Having been a Chair of this organisation for a number of  years, I’m delighted to see that we have proven, innovative technology. Changeover has now the ability to take raw material and apply a unique pelletising formula and process and turn what is discarded fine particle waste and recycle it into pellets which are equivalent in their original raw material. No one else has this capability.

“This is a very exciting time in this industry as we all look to find more sustainable and green solutions.  Around the globe there are billions of tonnes of waste fines which must be disposed of, and in most cases, they go straight to landfill.

“Changeover Technologies is the only organisation that has now developed a green solution to clean-up and reuse this fine particle waste which not only prevents new waste but cleans up legacy waste and, in doing so, reduce scope 1 and scope 3 emissions.”

Changeover Technologies’ aim is to have a future commercial unit which has an output of 100,000 tonnes of pellets and their current target market is the silicon industries, which is dependent on high purity carbon reductants to produce silicon. Silicon is needed in many aspects of today’s world from construction to semi-conductors, the latter in everything from computers and cars to solar panels and wind turbines.

Ken Flockhart, CEO of Changeover Technologies added: “I commend our dedicated and highly skilled R&D team and scientists.  We now have innovative technology which enables the reclamation of waste fines to be used as a greener alternative. This has been a labour of love. Our proven technology and process, which has been patented, has successfully run in our test plant. We are now ready to upscale and catapult into commercialisation. This is a very exciting time for Changeover Technologies.”

Changeover Technology has a number of principle investors with fund managers Kernel Capital and Clarendon Fund Managers. The company is currently looking for further investment.

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Investment round to Catapult Commercialisation

Changeover Technologies have just completed a further £1030K investment round to help catapult the company towards its goal of full commercialisation. Ken Flockhart CEO of the company has commented: “This investment round marks the start of a planned intense series of similar drives”.

This reflects our shareholders continual support and confidence in our breakthrough technology. Committed to helping waste producers in their journey to net zero, this cash injection will go towards scaling up operations for commercialisation.

New Engineering Suite

We are pleased to announce that the company has expanded its footprint in Belfast by opening a bespoke CAD design suite. The new state of the art facility has been fitted out with the latest equipment and 3D design software that will enable us to continue to build on our internal design capabilities. The building also houses our prototype area and 3D printing zone and allows the team to prove out scaled designs extremely quickly and effectively. The new design hub allows us to have a central location to share our detailed designs with suppliers and customers to ensure that projects run efficiently.

New Board Appointment

We are happy to announce that Sir Richard Needham has been appointed to Changeover Technologies Board.

In line with our plans to take the company to commercial realisation and onward rapid expansion over the coming years, we take pleasure in announcing the appointment of Sir Richard Needham to the board as a Non-Executive Director. Sir Richard Needham’s former responsibilities include serving as Minister of State for Trade from 1992-1995. He has held positions in many public and private companies, including GEC, Dyson, NEC Europe and Avon Rubber. Sir Richard’s maturity and global experience will be of great value in guiding us over the coming years.

New Board Appointment

In December 2021 Changeover Technologies bade farewell to Alan Lilley, who served as Non-Exec Finance Director. We are extremely grateful for his positive input over the past few years. As Alan leaves to pursue his favourite past-time of golf, we welcome to the board a new Non-Executive Finance Director – Paul Lavery.

​Paul is an experienced chartered accountant, having worked for the last fifteen years in a variety of CEO and CFO roles. In the last eight years, Paul has been the CFO of a private equity backed international equipment rental business. With a strong corporate finance element to this role, he has led on M&A transactions with a combined EV of c. £150m, together with associated debt-raising. We look forward to Paul’s involvement in Changeover Technologies as we aim to scale up and launch our commercial unit in 2022.


Changeover Technologies recognised as Silver Level Innovator

Changeover Technologies is delighted to announce that it has been recognised as a Silver Level Innovator in the Innovate NI Innovation Accreditation programme. The company has been recognised due to its ability to transform innovative ideas into commercially successful products.

Speaking about the recognition, Ken has commented:

“Recognition of this kind from Innovate NI is a great testament to both the cutting-edge research being conducted by the Changeover Technologies team of Engineer and Scientists at our purpose-built pilot plant and R&D facilities in Northern Ireland, and our ability to transition these exciting concepts into commercially viable technologies. Changeover Technologies has been supported by Invest Northern Ireland as it looks to commercialise this innovative technology over the next 12-24 months. We remain extremely grateful for their ongoing support in propelling the company towards being globally-renowned.”

“None of this progress towards commercialisation of a fully innovative idea would have been possible without all the hard work, expertise and dedication of the exceptional staff at Changeover Technologies, and as such the CEO and Board would like to thank the staff members for their contribution to this fully deserved award.”

Innovate NI is a Department for the Economy programme, helping local businesses innovate successfully. It is delivered by Invest Northern Ireland, local councils, and further education colleges.

Latest Funds will Extend Runway During Covid

Changeover Technology have raised a further £870K to extend runway during the ongoing pandemic. Ken Flockhart, Changeover Technology CEO, has commented, “This further injection of cash enables runway to complete our next major funding round to move to scale and commercialisation in 2022.

This reflects our shareholders continued support and belief in our breakthrough technology.” Committed to helping waste producers in their journey to net zero, this cash injection will go towards scaling up operations for commercialisation.

Changeover Technologies awarded Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) status by HMRC

Working together with Grant Thornton accountants, Changeover Technologies have been awarded Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) status on 7th December 2020. 

Introduced by the government in 1994, The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) helps small companies raise funds to grow, with private investors being incentivised with generous tax relief benefits. 

To qualify, the company must be ‘knowledge intensive’, or in other words, be young and innovative, with gross assets of less than £15 million at the time of investment.

Click on the link below for further details about the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) –