There is a significant positive impact on the environment by using Changeover’s low carbon, lower C02, patented formula and process.

It permits the environmental clean-up of legacy waste, prevents the creation of new waste, and reduces new mining, directly reducing scope one and three emissions.

Our platform technology has lower power requirements than alternative methods, thereby minimising the negative impact on the environment from carbon dependent industries. We offer a transitionary solution to net zero. Ultimately, our innovative technology is better for human health and will help support a sustainable future.


Working in partnership with key academia and independent test houses have ascertained that:

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Use of carbon pellets in place of coke can
reduce the Scope 3 CO2e emissions by 38.6% and
the overall life-cycle CO2e emissions by 2.7%

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Using carbon pellets in place of mined equivalents in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) will:

  • Reduce total CO2e emissions by 7.1%
  • Reduce the non-electricity emissions by 10.3%
  • Reduce the carbon supply emissions by 78.7%
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Demand for steel is forecasted to increase by more than 33% by 2050. Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) will play a key role in decarbonising steelmaking.

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Cranfield University Sustainable Energy and Process Engineering Group UK have compared Changeover Technologies products Metaform and Fuelform against standard mined equivalents and Changeover Technologies products emit lower CO2 emission and reduce damage to ecosystems, human health and resources.

  • Damage to the ecosystem reduced by 78%
  • Damage to human health reduced by 81%
  • Damage to resources reduced by 83%
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1% waste reuse in the global steel and cement industries is the equivalent to replanting 4% of Amazon rainforests over the next three decades = 16 billion trees in 30 years

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Silform emits 30pc less CO2 than mined equivalents , while also emitting 70pc more heat than a biomass wood pellets