Our innovative technology enables the reclamation of waste fines to be reused as a greener alternative to mining.

Our unique patented formula & process system is capable of converting wet washed coal fine slurries into high grade, dry pellets, at commercially viable costs and able to withstand industrial logistics without any negative environmental impact.

The Problem
The Opportunity

Worldwide, over 60 billion tons of environmentally desolate waste carbon is lying in old coal fines tips, while new waste fines are still being produced.

In the USA alone, millions of tons of high-ash, high-quality Metallurgical and Thermal coal fines are lying unclaimed in mine waste lagoons or refuse tips. These waste deposits are readily available to be harvested and washed by conventional technologies to release a very wet, high moisture (30-40%MC), low ash (8% to 3%), quality fine coal cake.

The Problem

“The existing technology to environmentally clean-up and exploit these MetCoal & Thermal waste fines cannot deliver a commercially attractive and environmentally positive solution.”

Laboratory sample of a washed MetCoal 30% MC, 1mm-38micron wet fines cake

Our Solution

A patented breakthrough technology, which allows environmental clean-up & industrial level commercial reuse of these discarded waste coal fines as a high-grade Metcoal or Thermal pellet.

Changeover Technologies pellets are able to withstand adverse weather conditions




Independently proven by respected International laboratories

  • Alfred H Knight Group
  • UNIPER Energy Laboratories
  • DMT GmbH & Co.

Flexible Mobile/Modular Units

Changeover Technologies modular units are able to be easily set up and dismantled at waste fines areas.

Our patented formula and process: ‘Environmentally neutral, cold curing, maintains the purity of raw fines’.

Our Patented Process

Our patented process is controlled throughout by our custom designed software which maintains quality control and throughput resulting in a continuous flow of identical quality pellets. The process takes in the wet cake at one end where it is pre-crushed to a particle size conformity for processing onwards to the mixing stage where it is treated with our unique patented formula and from which it is fed into the pelletizing unit.

The resultant formula & process treated pellets emerge for stacking and cold curing already having an inherent green strength sufficient to allow the cold curing process to commence.

“Maintains quality control and throughput resulting in a continuous flow of identical quality pellets.”

Our Patented Formula

Our Formula is unique in that it works at a molecular level and binds the washed coal fines which range in sizes from 1mm to 38 micron and down.

What is unique about the Changeover Technologies patented Formula is that there are no deleterious additives added to the fines in creating their pellet form. The high quality Metallurgical and Thermal coal fines, remain at the “pure” quality level they were originally washed to produce the low ash, high carbon fines. Hence our pellets are the equivalent of Metallurgical or Thermal coals and can be used in the same logistical and industrial manner.

“No deleterious additives”

The Benefits of Changeover Technology in comparison with Conventional Deep Mining

Lower Opex, lower Capex investment, quicker return compared to current coal market’s traditional large-scale, long-term investments.

Access to new unclaimed reserves of valuable Metallurgical and Thermal coal fines from both working and disused mines.

Mobile/Modular Technology allows flexible fast lead in times to both existing & disused mine areas.

Changeover Technologies’ MetaForm© and Fuelform® are produced from waste, and promote green credentials.

The History:

Five Years of Research and Development to Find Environmentally Positive Green Solutions to Solve Wet Coal Slurry Logistics.

Changeover Technologies prototype


A prototype formula and process unit was developed in Northern Ireland. The process plant was assembled ready for relocation to the USA to commence as a pilot unit for testing and eventual commercialisation.

Changeover Technologies blaze mines West Virginia


The plant was shipped and assembled at Blaze Mines West Virginia site and was successful in being able to meet the initial production capacity target of 100t/hr, generating pellets from waste coal fines.

Changeover Technologies test site dromore


We begin work on the new Silform Version 2 Formula and Process, and began to establish our test site in Dromore, Northern Ireland.

Changeover Technologies new formula


A new organic polymer-based environmentally friendly formula was developed. This environmentally neutral formula produces zero additional SO2 or NOx, a trace increase in ash content and additional CO2 virtually undetectable.

Changeover Technologies


We file two new patents on formula and process, and rebrand the company from Silform to Changeover Technologies to reflect our new products and technology, targetted at assisting companies in the reuse of their waste and the changeover to greener more circularly-efficient reuse technologies.

Having resolved one of the most difficult challenges, the pelletizing of wet coal slurries, we continue to draw on our wealth of pelletising knowledge, amassed from years of intensive R&D, to produce more green solutions for the handling of environmentally damaging wastes.

The Future:

Onwards to Providing Solutions to Greener Alternatives in Handling Environmentally Damaging Wastes.

Our Leadership Team

Mervyn McCall. BSc, FICE, FIoD

Executive Chairman

Kenneth Flockhart. BSc, PEng., MBA

CEO & Executive Director

Alan Lilley. ACMA, CGMA

Non-Exec Finance Director

John Martin

Non-Exec Director

Siggi Saevarsson / Kernel Capital Ltd

Board Advisor

Neil Simms Finance Director, Investment Director / Clarendon Fund Managers Ltd

Board Advisor

Brian Fox

Operations/Engineering Manager

Robert Campbell

Accounts Manager

Ashleigh Anderson

Dr Ashleigh Anderson

R&D Scientist

Dr Paschal McCloskey, BSc, PhD

Retained Consultant

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