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December 2022
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For a generation eager to discover ways to tackle the global crisis, it has become easy to overlook the benefits that trees have on our environment. Reforestation is one of the most cost-effective methods in fighting the climate crisis. Transpiration...

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Turning Industrial Carbon Wastes into Sustainable Reusable Raw Resources
18 Nov 2022

Carbon waste is a growing problem with over seven billion tons of it produced every year, much of which is toxic and hazardous. Utilising carbon waste as a resource will help alleviate our increasing issue with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,...

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Changeover Technologies to Revolutionise Carbon Dependent Sectors
07 Nov 2022

Read our latest Press release - Issued on behalf of Changeover Technologies Ltd by NakedPR. A green tech solutions company, Changeover Technologies, based in Belfast, is set to revolutionise carbon dependent sectors having found a solution to reuse discarded fine...

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Investment round to Catapult Commercialisation
30 Sep 2022

Changeover Technologies have just completed a further £1030K investment round to help catapult the company towards its goal of full commercialisation. Ken Flockhart CEO of the company has commented: “This investment round marks the start of a planned intense series...

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