Turning Industrial Carbon Wastes into Sustainable Reusable Raw Resources

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November 2022

Turning Industrial Carbon Wastes into Sustainable Reusable Raw Resources

Carbon waste is a growing problem with over seven billion tons of it produced every year, much of which is toxic and hazardous. Utilising carbon waste as a resource will help alleviate our increasing issue with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, while simultaneously creating a sustainable and safe raw material that can be used in any number of industries. Here are some of the facts.

The Facts and Figures

The world targets ‘Net Zero’, while economic development is heavily reliant on predominately carbon dependent industries, e.g., steel and silicon.

“There’s about 150 tonnes of metallurgical carbons via steel in an onshore windmill – and 250 tonnes in an offshore windmill.”

The carbon required in these industries is utilised as a “reductant” in the separation of the iron and silicon ores to produce purified iron for steel making, and silicon metal for silicon products, e.g., computer chips, solar panels, electric vehicles.

Globally we recycle annually 500 million tonnes, which is only 30% of the annual 1.8 billion tonnes of steel produced.

This recycled steel still requires pure carbon to be added to the molten recycled steel to bring the carbon fibre strength to the resultant finished products.


– One tonne of Silicon requires 1.5 tonnes of Silicon Carbon Reductant.

– One tonne of Recycled Steel requires 12kgs of High-Grade Industrial Carbons.

– One tonne of Blast Furnace Steel requires 0.75 tonne of Metallurgical Carbon.

Europe officially lists these within the 30 critical raw materials for economic development.

Changeover Technologies Ltd brings to this critical sector waste reclamation technologies which allow wastes to be reduced and recycled, bringing both environmental clean-up and commercially viable lower CO2 carbon pellets for use as reductants in these industries.

We are a clean-tech solutions provider bringing patented technologies to the industrial mining producers and end manufacturers.

We license our patented technologies to producers and manufacturers enabling them on their green journey, “Transitioning From Carbon Dependent to Net Zero CO2

Our platform technology addresses waste within a breadth of industries, from steel and silicon to agriculture, from blast furnaces to electric arc furnaces.

From carbon to bio-carbons, we have technical solutions focussed on waste reduction, recycling, lower CO2, low energy and low carbon footprint.

As an innovative company, it’s our mission to turn industrial carbon wastes into sustainable reusable raw resources.

Find out more on our Circular Economy Technology – https://changeovertechnologies.com/research-development/

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